Weather data from Mumbles, Swansea, U.K.

The station

Located in Mumbles, Swansea, U.K., at a height os 46mtrs ASL the station provides the following, up to date, data:
Barometric pressure, rainfall data, solar related data, temperature, wind speed  & direction.
Other calculated data.

Current readings

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Outdoor temperature

Relative humidity

Crrent wind speed

Rain rate per hour.

Barometric pressure

Tide Times For

Mumbles, Swansea.


27 November 2021

Time Type Height
04:27 low 3.43m
10:58 high 7.4m
17:20 low 3.46m
23:45 high 7.1m

28 November 2021

Time Type Height
05:57 low 3.54m
12:17 high 7.36m
18:43 low 3.33m

29 November 2021

Time Type Height
01:04 high 7.25m
07:17 low 3.28m
13:35 high 7.66m
19:55 low 2.92m

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