Mumblesmetdata provides the viewer with current meteorological data collected from an Aercus 3083AWS, the station is located in Thistleboon approximately 150′ ASL.
The station records the following data:
atmospheric pressure, rainfall amounts, wind speed & direction, temperature and the ultra violet (uv) index.
Other information is displayed  from the collected data.

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Towering Cumulus

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Shower falling from Cumulus Nimbus

Tide times for Mumbles 

Tide Times for Mumbles, Swansea.


26 May 2022

Time Type Height
04:13 high 8.32m
10:25 low 2.11m
16:42 high 8.2m
22:51 low 2.12m

27 May 2022

Time Type Height
05:04 high 8.58m
11:11 low 1.88m
17:28 high 8.49m
23:34 low 1.89m

28 May 2022

Time Type Height
05:48 high 8.74m
11:51 low 1.73m
18:08 high 8.69m

29 May 2022

Time Type Height
00:11 low 1.76m

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