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Mumblesmetdata.net,  is a website which receives weather data from an outdoor sensor and  displays it in an easy to read way, on your screen, tablet, or mobile.
Data collected includes temperature readings, wind speed and direction, air pressure, rainfall data and sunshine information. 
The station is located in Thistleboon, approximately 50mtrs 
ASL with the sensors a further 10mtrs from ground level.
Other weather related information is  available. Pages include:
Tide Tables, cloud identification, WMO Cloud Atlas, radio and TV broadcast weather, explanation of common weather phenomena and more.           
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All you need to know about clouds here:

 Click here to go to the WMO Cloud Atlas

Click the item below, to view realtime data, from Mumbles, relating to:     

Temperature, wind speed,  pressure, rain.& sun.

For live data click here and todays data click here

If the sea is your interest, click here for the latest   

Shipping forecast

Need to know the time the sun, or moon  comes up? Click here:

Sun and moon rise/set times

Curious about clouds, click here for a quick guide.

Identify Clouds

Need a weather phenomena explained? Click 


Look here for BBC, ITV, Met Office & other radio & TV weather broadcasts.
Broadcaast weather services

Mumbles tide times can be found here
Tide times